Peloton Resolved

Dylan Hall
1 min readMar 15, 2021


This is a follow up to my initial and follow-up articles on my trials and tribulations trying to physically get my Bike+.

Finally, over 5 months after initially ordering the Bike+, and over 3 months after their initially promised delivery date my Bike+ was delivered.

The delivery process was actually pretty good — XPO Logistics had an automated call and followup by the delivery team and they showed up when they were supposed to and delivered it where I wanted it without issue while wearing appropriate masks.

The bike and service are both very nice and the integration with the Apple Watch is both useful and just technologically cool.

Hopefully this is the last that I ever write about this, hopefully the bike works well for quite a long time and remains part of a good habit for me and my wife.

Getting here didn’t have to be this hard. And Peloton made this an expensive process on their part and made me an active person who absolutely would not recommend to anyone that they attempt to order a Bike+ right now. Hopefully that answer changes in the coming months and years as they expand their US based production and distribution.